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‘Enigmas’ because our life together has been a routine of constant change and variety surprising and puzzling our friends, family and even ourselves. As my daughter often asked “where are you & what are you doing, now”; we are constantly moving and changing. So, this is where we (both Tilly & Mikal) share our insights, discoveries,  ideas and document our adventures. 

Hopefully, the drop-down menus will help you to more easily find items of interest to you. Any suggestions to make navigation simpler are welcome. 

Where to start? 

Our  three ‘ABOUT’ pages: US – will provide some background. (coming – soon I hope )

We each have chosen our 3 favorite blogs to give you a flavor

Mikal (Still working on this)

Tilly (Still working on this)

Our Art & Images Blog (TILMIKAL Art & Images) is where we share our photographic & artistic creative efforts.