The Decision – No to Normal, Yes to Adventure!

Our home in Indio CA.

Located 3km from the San Andreas fault… we lived with frequent tremors and an awareness that a devastating  earthquake could occur at any time. One that would permanently change the landscape and our lives.

Life in Indio was losing its excitement as we settled into the ‘normal’ lives of  homeowners. We took on the ‘normal’ tasks of housekeeping and maintenance. Tilly decorated, then cleaned the  house. I fixed things, then built a patio extension with a cover.  Always something needed fixing or improving. So busy being ‘normal –  we missed the small tremors.

Earthquake! –  a perfect description. Small tremors in our lives  were there, some felt – most not, since the day we retired to Southern California.   And then, the BIG ONE happened on New Year’s Day 2017.   It began with sitting in front of our cozy fireplace sipping coffee with the question … “Are we happy?”.

Our answer was “We are happy, BUT not content…” Gotta pay attention to the “BUT”s. We were happy  yet something was missing. The question changed from “Are we happy ?” to “What were we doing that gave us joy and contentment during the past year(s).?”

In 2010, we made an offer to buy a canal boat. We were a few years from retirement and not ready to return to NA.  Dreams of cruising and exploring the canals of Europe fueled our sense of adventure.   The canal boat deal fell through but, I still daydream about cruising the canals of Europe on occasion.

We were/are always happiest when planning for and going on the next grand adventure! We felt that way  last fall with our 5W in tow.  We traveled the long way home  from BC  to California. We hiked the mountains of Wyoming and the deserts of Utah – kayaked mountain lakes and  the Colorado River – a leisurely exploration.

Our memories of happy, contented places and events over the past year have one thing in common. They were not connected to any particular place. They are all about travel and adventure. AND there was the answer  waiting for one of us to say it. “Let’s sell the house, all this stuff, take off FULL-TIME in an RV and explore.”

Who spoke first?  No matter, because it was an easy decision. .. Adventure First!

Next: Preparations and More Decisions.

Author: MikalT

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