And Another Adventure Begins….the VDLP

The Spanish Via de la Plata, (the Silver Road) is calling and we are answering the call. We are a bit behind schedule (having planned to go in 2020 until we were sidelined by Covid) but now, two years later, we have less than two weeks to go before we set off.

Almost exactly 5 years ago to the day, we started off on a similar adventure, walking the Camino Frances, starting in SW France, climbing up and over the Pyrenees from St. Jean Pied de Porte, France into Roncesvalles, Spain. I turned 65 on that adventure and will turn 70 on this next trip!! For the Camino Frances, we trained very hard, knowing how difficult the very first day would be. Now, at almost 70, we have been training but not with loaded packs, up and down mountains, at high elevation. Instead, we have focused on “spending time on our feet” to get ready, walking over 5 miles a day.

When we first decided to do this trip and had bought our tickets, we immediately started our training program. Most of our walks have been around and about our little town of Lander but we have also found some spectacular hikes in the mountains and forests close by. On one of our first hikes in Sinks State Park (sometime in May), we encountered snow!!!

We have seen some spectacular scenery….discovered some new trails…enjoyed the familiar ones….gained confidence in our fitness…and now, are greatly anticipating the long walk to come.

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