On to Lake Mead

We set off for Lake Mead where we planned to regroup, de-winterize and get ourselves organized. We were also excited to introduce Marley to his first fresh water lake.

Our old haunt of Boulder Beach Campground is where we landed, at an easy pull through. The registration and payment for campsites had changed so I had to wait patiently while Mike got us registered at a campsite. That done, we proceeded to the dump station to empty our black/grey tank and to fill up with water. That presented another obstacle as we had to first empty the antifreeze solution and then run fresh water through the tank. On top of that, the whole water system was a bit of a head-scratcher so another call to Bretz RV was in order. Thank heavens our good friend Scott answered his phone (even though he was off duty) and actually zipped back to his workshop for the info on our rig so he could help us. Problem solved quickly and efficiently and soon, we were back setting up our campsite. 

It was wonderful to be back at Lake Mead….everything familiar….we knew where to go to get what we needed be it groceries or RV supplies. We spent three days there at the end of which we felt way more organized and in control of things…..but still cold. Not the weather for shorts just yet….or flip flops. 

Took Marley down to the lake every day. The first day he initially refused to even get close to the water. Then, he discovered he could drink it and got his toes wet. Then, he noticed the wavelets breaking on the shore and he went berserk, chasing them, splashing through the water, chasing shorebirds….in general, having a blast! 

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  1. Welcome! We are heading to Vegas to hike mid March..let me know if you are still there!

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