Benson, Bisbee, Tombstone AZ

It was time to leave for our Benson rendezvous with Mike’s cousin Margaret and her husband Dave who were also escaping the cold and snow in Toronto. We drove from Sedona, through a very very busy Phoenix – it was busy the whole way to Benson. I’d been awake early, thinking about how we were going to get the trailer out of Kathy’s driveway, packing everything back up etc etc but it all proved easy. The hardest part were the good-byes – Marley just couldn’t understand why the newest member of our family pack wasn’t coming with us. He fell in love with Auntie Kaffee after all the love and attention she showered him and us with. We too loved our time together.

By 11 we were on the road, pretty much without incident. Got to Benson just before the park closed at 4:30. Marley and I wandered off to find M&D while Mike got the trailer all set…hooked up, levelled etc. They had prepared some burgers for all us. Marley was so excited to meet even  more members of the “family” pack and was the perfect dog….he loved, he visited, and then he stretched out and relaxed.

Next morning we headed for Bisbee. 

Loved it. We walked all around the town which is built on the side of a hill/mountain so lots of exercise for us all….very funky, great variety of shops, galleries, and eateries.

Booked a tour for Dave and I into the Queen Cooper Mine. Dogs couldn’t go so Margaret and Mike stayed behind with Marley and Dave and I went on the tour. Sat horseback style on the train which took us deep into the mountain.

Next day we set off to explore Tombstone. Marley was terrified of the horses and stagecoaches but the gunshots didn’t faze him one bit. Once again, everyone had to stop and hear Marley’s story…he enchanted everyone.

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