Cape Town Tourist

Day 1 Dec. 13

It was Saturday, the first day of our 21 day Africa Adventure. We were introduced to the bus/truck that would be our home for the next 21 days.  This vehicle had a freezer and a fridge on board as well as charging stations for camera batteries, phones, computers and iPads while driving and, when camping, was plugged into direct current so we could pretty well charge anything anytime. At the back and underneath the vehicle was a storage place for all of the gear, food, luggage and other necessary equipment for a hassle – free trip.


After stopping at the local market for water, wine, rand and snacks, we set off  for a tour of the Cape Peninsula. It was spectacular!! My first impressions? Green …. green and more green …. millions of hikers and bikers out enjoying the sun. The day was bright, clear and slightly windy. Other impressions? As we followed the coastline, all day, we were treated to continuous sights of immense, curling wave action, massive explosions of spray, and surfers galore. We passed through Camp’s Bay, one of the most expensive areas for real estate in Africa, rumor has it. From there we went through Hout’s Bay and up to Chapman’s Peak where we stopped for pictures. The road we followed was a cliff hanger and even there, we encountered a lot of cyclists. At the top of the peak, sitting there, looking out high over the ocean, I was filled with an over-powering sense of gratitude for this trip and for being here. My heart filled, my soul fluttered and began to wake up again to the beauty and goodness still present in our world.

From Chapman’s Peak we continued to the Cape of Good Hope, the most southern point of the African continent. We hiked up to the lighthouse first and from there went right down to the beach  where the waves crashed onto the rocky cliffs. Currents everywhere – as we looked out on the surface of the ocean we could see sudden sprays of water rising into the air. Amazing!

Historic lighthouse was always in the fog as it was too close to the water so a new one was built higher up.

Continuing along the Cape back towards Cape Town, we visited Boulders Beach, world famous for its colony of endangered but now thriving African penguins, set in the middle of the residential area between Simon’s Town and Cape Town. There, a series of boardwalks have been constructed to allow visitors to view the colony without disturbing the the penguins.



From the penguin colony we headed back to Cape Town to take the rotating, round, cable car up to the top of Table Mountain where we spent the rest of the afternoon. The view was incredible and it was sunny and warm. From Table Mountain we returned to Cape Town for dinner.  Following dinner, we went back to our rooms to prepare for the first day on the road, which would take us from Cape Town through the Hantam region of South Africa and our first night of camping. We savored that last sweet sleep in real beds.