I love Wyoming, the endless, empty spaces, clear blue sky, antelope, but most of all, I love seeing all the places in Wyoming that my Michael takes me to see. One of the most beautiful, powerful places this summer, has been Castle Gardens. We drove at least a full hour, probably longer, to get to Castle Gardens and I don’t think we saw even one other vehicle. We were in the middle of nowhere.


When we arrived, Michael commented on the fact that quite a few changes had been made since he was last there. Where a road had been was now fenced off and a gravel path made for people to walk in to the gardens.


Right away, I was spellbound by the rock formations. Out came the camera and not once did I stop taking pics.

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At one point, as I was snapping away, Mike asked, “Did you see the camel?” Of course I had taken a pic but had not noticed that there was a rock camel in the gardens.


Just below that, Mike found the first petroglyphs, drawings carved into the stone by the first native americans in the area. It was fascinating.

p1020063 p1020057

The deeper we walked into the gardens, the more I became aware of the power of the place, the energy, the total silence, broken only by the call of birds or the scampering of chipmunks. We walked in silence and at one point, climbed up to a notch in the rocks and just sat, in the silence and power of the place. It reminded me of when I was in the desert in Egypt, also in a place where the ancients had left their marks. It’s a very special sensation, hard to describe.


This is a place I plan to visit every time we are in Lander, Wyoming.